Buddy Guy Crybaby Wah


    • Two distinct user selectable voices: "Deep" for big and throaty; "BG" for Buddy's bell-like tone.
    • Features the Fasel Inductor for sweet top end.
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Buddy Guy Crybaby Wah Info

Cited as a majorinfluence by Wah masters such as Hendrix, Clapton and Vaughan, Buddy Guy helped establish the Wah-Wah as part of the blues vocabulary. This Signature Wah features a Fasel inductor and two distinct Wah voices - choose “deep” for a big throaty growl or “BG” for Buddy’s own warm and bell-like tone. Separate LEDs indicate mode and effect on/off. Polka dot graphics and Custom Signature tread. True hardwire bypass.

Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (RPC921R).


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