Dime Distortion


    • Aggressive, tight and focused distortion.
    • 3-band EQ.
    • Scoop switch to cut mids.
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Dime Distortion

With its 3 band EQ, proprietary scoop switch and ungodly output, this stompbox has the guts and the muscle to stand up to your heaviest displays of power. Crank the gain, boost the lows and highs and hit the scoop switch for a rhythm tone that will annihilate. Dial the mids back in and mow down the competition with a lead sound that can penetrate steel. If it isn’t heavy enough, stick the Dime Distortion in front of a distorted amp and experience sustain and sonic mayhem that’s over the top. The Dime Distortion - not subtle, not pretty! Hardwire bypass.

Complete with RPC1821 (18 volt) AC adaptor.


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