Ring Worm Modulator


      • Based on old school, analog synth technology.
      • Five different waves of Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) lunacy.
      • Conjure up beautifully bizarre and unpredictable amounts of lunacy.
      • Runs on 18 Volts for high headroom and clear performance.
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Ring Worm Modulator Info

Dial in some crazy freaked-out madness with the Way Huge Ringworm; an anolog modulator based on old school synth technology - one twist of the 5-way selector knob takes you through 5 different waves of low frequency oscillator (LFO) lunacy, adding beautifully bizarre and unpredictable amounts of modulation to your otherwise traditional tone. An expression pedal input allows control of the oscillator frequency. Don’t be afraid to explore the depths of the abstract with this looney Way Huge creation! An internal switch allows you to match your Ringworm to guitars and basses or to high output devices such as mixers, keyboards and instruments with active pickups. True hardwire relay bypass.

Complete with RPC1821 (18 volt) AC adaptor.


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