Swollen Pickle Fuzz


      • Super high-gain fuzz with smooth low end.
      • Tone stack Scoop control.
      • Adjustable compression intensity.
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Swollen Pickle Fuzz Info

Surrenders super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end to all who dare plug into it. With a twist of the sustain control, you’re taken from mild crunch to Armageddon! The filter control retains its trademark insane range of heavily filtered tones, distinguished by remarkable girth and sizzle and the loudness puts out enough volume to clobber any amp! Newly added features include a tone stack scoop control that elicits classic Swollen Pickle midscoop or a flat, mid-frequency sweet and a crunch knob to adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz. Finally under the hood the Swollen Pickle Mk II has two internal mini controls; a voice control sets the intensity of the external scoop control from light to heavy mid-cut and a clip control varies between two sets of clipping diodes for smooth to opened fuzz sustain. A charter member of the Way Huge line has returned and just like when it debuted in 1997, it still has “more fuzz than a mouldy peach”! True hardwire relay bypass.

Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (RPC921R).


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Swollen Pickle Fuzz