Egg shaped maracas with black plastic handle. Colour and weight graded. 5" long. Red and 20g. 1 pair. Available in purple and 25g, green and 35g, orange and 40g, yellow and 45g and blue and 50g.


Plastic round shaped maracas on plastic handle. 7¼” long. Red. Pair. Also available in Blue (EM345BL)


Frog maracas. Plastic oval shape with frogs eyes on head. 6¼”long. Green. Pair.

UE110R – UE110O

Oval shape maracas. Heavy duty red plastic head with wooden handle. Very loud. 10” long. Pair. Also available in Orange (UE110O).


9" long wooden maracas with colourful red, green, yellow and blue painted stripes.


Wooden oval shaped maracas. Hand painted and carved. Red with yellow floral design. 9½” long. Pair.


Wooden oval shape maracas. Tropical” hand painted design. 10" long. Pair.

UE780N – UE780R – UE780Y

Large wooden egg maracas. 3½” long. Polished finish. Natural. Also available in red (UE780R) and yellow (UE780Y).

UE782 – UE783

Wooden cylinder shaker filled with beads. Natural lacquered finish. 2¾” length, 1½” diameter. Coloured header card packaging. Also available as 4" length, 1½” diameter (UE783).