As the world’s drumhead specialist for over 50 years, Remo, Inc. has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads to fit every drumming application. Not only is a full selection of Remo heads available to meet the diverse needs of drumset players in country, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, Latin and every other style, Remo heads also bring advanced technologies and exceptional performance capabilities to the specialized needs to players in the marching, concert and world percussion areas. Indeed, with so many types, weights and sizes available, selecting the ideal head for any drum or situation requires an understanding of the performance levels that each head is designed to achieve.



Drumhead Innovation Since 1957

The 1957 introduction of the classic Weatherking line established Remo as the worldwide drumhead leader. Remo has developed an incredible array of drumheads to fit every drumming application by utilizing the most advanced technologies. Each drumhead is engineered to meet the diverse needs of drumset players in country, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop and Latin, just to name a few. In addition, specialized drumhead categories were created to meet the specific needs of marching, concert and world percussion fields. Remo heads offer more finishes, types, weights, and available sizes in order to provide the sound, look, and feel that meet the discriminating demands of the world’s top drummers.


Standard on Over 90% of Drumsets

To drumset manufacturers, Remo has, is and always will be the standard. Ever since we led the industry in the 1960’s to standardize drumhead sizes, we’ve been in the forefront when it comes to crafting, designing and manufacturing drumheads. You may even notice that our competitors often feature our heads as the benchmark by which they manufacture their products. We’re flattered. And because of our technologically advanced R&D on new adhesives, coatings, films and textures, we’ll continue to upgrade our drumheads at a blistering pace. For example, one recent drumhead improvement we made had over 175 film variations before the final upgrade was agreed on. Why? Because we just can’t leave well enough alone, that’s why.