This article is intended to give you a working knowledge of how to tune three main types of drums: toms, snares, and basses.  While the drums used in the photos are from a drumset, the basic concepts apply to most other types of drums as well.  Check the Drumhead Selection and Tuning page for style-specific and drum-specific tuning tips.


  • New Remo drumheads
  • Remo bass drum muffles
  • Falam slam
  • DynamO’s
  • Crown Control
  • Active Snare Dampening System
  • 1 or 2 drum keys
  • dry cloth
  • tension rod lubricant
  • box knife


All Remo Weatherking drumheads are engineered with two built-in alignment mechanisms.  These two mechanisms are called the collar and the step.  The formed collar makes certain that the head stays centered on the drum shell and the step makes certain that the head will be level on the bearing edge.  When you place your Weatherking drumhead on the bearing edge you will notice that it centers itself immediately without any tension.

The step, formed into the film, ensures that the head will be even in height around the total circumference of the flesh hoop.  The crackling sound heard when tension is first applied is simply the film releasing itself from the inner aluminum edge at the step only.  It is your guarantee that the head will be seated properly on the drum shell.

Remember, tuning drums is a subjective process, based on individual opinion.  The whole purpose of tuning is to make the drums sound the way YOU want them to sound.