Our foray into World Percussion started, not surprisingly, with drumheads. Remo revolutionized hand drumming by bringing modern drumhead technologies and performance to traditional world percussion instruments. The diversity of these drums encouraged us to develop 12 differently shaped world percussion drumheads using Fiberskyn 3, Suede, and Nuskyn to fit today’s most popular drums. These heads have the consistency and weather resistance players demand today with Remo’s classic tenabilityand sound, and fit most major manufacturers’ drums. Our world percussion instruments include collections in African. Asian, Brasilian, Cuban, frame drums, tambourines, and worldwide drums.


Using exclusively developed films and a proprietary process, the RENAISSIANCE drumhead is texturized on the batter size of drumhead enhancing the projection and reflection of sound. The result is a great sounding, more balanced, better performing head that produces clear open tones, plenty of attack and resonance. The Renaissance drumhead is very durable and is recommended for hand as well as stick players.


FIBERSKYN 3 provides a superb, authentic ethnic drum sound when used on world percussion instruments. Fiberskyn 3 is a fast action, easy play drumhead that produces lively overtones. Its superior construction and performance have made it the world’s most widely recorded synthetic world percussion head.


NUSKYN is a major breakthrough in drumhead technology that may be Remo’s greatest innovation yet. Frequency analysis of NUSKYN shows it closely resembles the performance of animal skin, while actually expanding the sound response spectrum dramatically.
The Nusksyn conga, bongo and djembe drumheads feature Remo’s tucked heads technology, a process in which the film is wrapped around a steel insert ring just as animal skins are “tucked” around flesh hoops. The results? Nuskyn sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones.


The new state-of-the-art ADVANCED ACOUSTICON material, developed over four years, utilizes high technology in its construction perhaps more than any previous drum shell. It takes the best qualities of wood and betters them for incredible consistency allowing unparalleled pitch, timbre, and projection. The continuous, one-piece wrap of the ADVANCED ACOUSTICON makes for a denser, better sounding drum. Because of its “uni-body” construction, there are no mismatched plies of wood, and all shells are constructed to exacting thicknesses, resulting in a sound with focus and articulation.

Working with some of the best world percussionists in the industry like, Grammy winner Poncho Sanchez, Remo has developed several world percussion products that benefit from contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques while paying respect to musical traditions.