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DiMarzio Gravity Storm, Ionizer and Transition Pickups Now Available in Australia

Check out the latest DiMarzio pickups - click an image below for a larger preview.


DP252B DiMARZIO - Gravity Storm™ named after a song on "Steve Vai: The Story of Light” album. These warm sounding humbuckers combine a fat neck position tone with harmonics particularly with 24 fret guitars for a throaty quality that sounds like a cross between a humbucker and a single coil. Neck position. Output: 290mv. Black. $159.00*

DP252W As above but white. $159.00*  

DP252FB As above but ‘F’ spacing. Black. $159.00*  

DP252FW As above but white. $159.00*  

DP253B DiMARZIO - Gravity Storm™. As above but bridge position. Unlike the Evolution’s power and sharp-edged tone these are more about depth with warm highs and mids - It’s very much a plug and play pickup. Output: 340mv. Black. $159.00*  

DP253W As above but white. $159.00*  

DP253FB As above but ‘F’ spacing. Black. $159.00*  

DP253FW As above but white. $159.00*  


DP254B DiMARZIO - Transition™ : Neck. Designed for Luke’s new L111 Music Man and named after the new album, the passive Transition humbuckers are subtle and tough, with power and depth. The bridge model’s in your face sound is perfect for shredding and technical playing. Output: 258mV. Black. $159.00*

DP254FB As above but ‘F’ spacing. Black. $159.00*

DP255B As DP254B above but bridge position.
Output: 390mV. Black.
$159.00 *

DP255FB As above but ‘F’ spacing. Black. $159.00 *


DP809B DiMARZIO - Ionizer 8™ : Neck. 8 string humbucker developed over 2 years with Tosin Abasi. It’s warm and open like a vintage humbucker, solid and tight like a modern metal pickup and performs like a classic single coil in split mode. Output: 345mV. Black. $189.00 *

DP810B DiMARZIO - Ionizer 8™ : Middle. Clean, bright and well balanced matching single coil. Output: 145mV. Black. $109.00 *

DP811B DiMARZIO - Ionizer 8™ : Bridge. With an 8 string’s extended high and low end response, the mids need to power the bridge humbucker so the sound doesn’t wash out. It’s great to overdrive an amp without muddying the sound and still have enough headroom to clean up with the volume powered down. Output: 440mV. Black. $189.00 *