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    The MXR Bass Overdrive is a member of the award winning line of Bass Innovations effect pedals whose mission is to provide stompboxes designed by bass players specifically for bass players. The Bass Overdrive provides players with the option to add snarl to their sound but without sacrificing their bass's low end and clarity. This pedal features an all analog original design that delivers warm and versatile overdriven tones that can go from mild to over-the-top amounts of grit.

    Along with standard Volume, Tone and Drive controls, this pedal features a Clean control so you can blend a pre-set EQ clean signal with the overdrive signal, resulting in sweet burly bass overdrive. The pedal also features True Bypass switching, status LED, and can be powered by a 9v battery or adapter.

    SIGNAL CHAIN FOR DEMO: Fender Jazz Bass + Dunlop Nickle Strings + Lava Soar Cable + MXR Bass Overdrive + Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Series head + Ampeg SVT 8-10E cabinet