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Michael Vafiotis / 4ARM

Melbourne-born Michael was introduced to the metal scene at the impressionable age of 14. It was then that he instantly developed a desire to explore the art of drumming. In doing so he harvested the ambitious mindset of mastering the craft with a dual underlying reason- to express himself with the upmost originality and the common dream of every budding musician, to form a rock band.

It wasn’t until late 2004 when Michael found his niche as a drummer in his current band 4arm. Michael brings to the band an intricate style of drumming that is frequently acknowledged among his musical peers as unique. With influences from Bay Area drummers such as Paul Bostaph, Lars Ulrich and Dave Lombardo, he has adopted a hard hitting and energetically aggressive approach to his technique, so don’t be fooled by his diminutive stature.

With several releases under their belt and extensive touring across the country, 4ARM have dominated the Australian metal scene. With the release of their third album titled “Submission For Liberty” in 2012, 4ARM are scheduled to set the rest of the world on fire with their hyper-charged brand of Thrash Metal.

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