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Ryan Menezes / Independent / Beetet


Ryan is one of Melbourne’s most versatile and in demand drummers.  He is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, where he now teaches.

Born on March 2nd, 1975 in Madras, India, Ryan was exposed at an early age to a variety of music.  He comes from a long line of musicians, composers and conductors.  Ryan started playing the piano at 7 years of age and began following in his dad’s footsteps and played the drumkit for the first time at 10 years of age.  He has been performing since the age of 14 in various musical situations, both in Australia and overseas.  Ryan has performed alongside great artists such as Dave Valentine, Frank Gambale, Jamie Ohlers, Sam Keevers and John Foreman to name a few.

Currently, Ryan is playing regularly in Melbourne with Latin, Jazz and Pop outfits and has recorded with bands such as Avatar, Tom Fryer Quartet and Rumberos.  He is also a member of Orchestra Victoria.

Zildjian Cymbal Endorsed Artist


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