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Stevie 'Cat' Mcquinn Jnr / Kimbra / Major Dudes

Stevie McQuinn and Kimbra are about to head out on tour!! Named 'The Golden Electric Tour' they will join Janelle Monae on stage

Pearl Reference Pure

Pearl's Reference Pure proudly builds upon the legacy started by Pearl's original Reference Series Drums by using the exact shell composition formula, the same number and type of wood plies, and the same targeted task specific bearing edges to create a thin shell, highly resonant, lower mass version of the original. http://pearldrum.com/products/kits/drumsets/reference-pure/

Drum Rack

3-Sided Rack with Straight Bars: http://pearldrum.com/products/hardware/drum-racks/icon-3-sided/

Clear Pinstripes

Clear Pinstripe® heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the “fat” sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics.


Vic Firth American Classic® F1 Sticks

Medium round tip with a short tapered neck. Great for fusion or electric jazz. L = 16 3/16" | Dia. = .580"

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