The original Danelectro company was founded by Nathan "Nat" Daniel in 1947. They pioneered tube amps in the 1940’s. Their guitars were king of the rock scene in the 50’s and 60’s – Top players still love them – Collectors snap them up!

Danelectro's trademark was the masonite construction of their guitar bodies. The bodies were hollow, built around a wooden frame. The bridge was screwed into an internal wooden block that connected the top and back of the body.

Danelectro's well-known "lipstick" single-coil pickups are a big part of why these guitars sound so good. These are constructed around a single alnico bar magnet housed in an actual surplus lipstick tube.

In 1956, Danelectro introduced the six-string baritone guitar. The baritone guitar never proved especially popular but found an enduring niche in Nashville as the instrument of choice for "Tic-tac" bass lines.

In 1966, Danelectro was sold to MCA. A year later, the Coral line, known for its hollow-bodies and electric sitars, was introduced. In 1969, the Danelectro plant in the USA closed for business and the brand faded into obscurity.

In the late 1990s, the Danelectro brand re-emerged replicating old Silvertone and Danelectro guitar models. Since 2006, Danelectro guitars have been produced in limited edition runs each year. The current series are made in Korea, built to original specifications, and still have all the mojo and vibe of the original instruments. Hearing Is Believing.





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