More fx Cymbals added to the Zildjian Line

Known for its innovative effects and accent tones, Zildjian has expanded its fx line of cymbals with even more new models. In addition to the new 10” and 12” fx Spiral Stackers, the fx line, now includes the fx Oriental China “Trash” in 8″ and 10″ sizes; and the new 7.5″ Volcano Cup Zil-Bel.

The new 8” and 10” Oriental China Trash models round out the fx China lineup by offering thin weight mini china cymbals that can also be used alone or stacked with other cymbals. Made from Zildjian B20 alloy, both models feature a quick response and decay.

The new 7.5″ Volcano Cup Zil-Bel offers a new mid-tone option. Crafted from Zildjian B20 alloy, it delivers a cutting sound and features Zildjian’s proprietary “Volcano” cup – an inverted bell which offers a unique set of tonal colors.

The Zildjian fx Oriental China “Trash” cymbals, and the new 7.5 Volcano Cup Zil-Bel are all currently available, and you can check them out at your local Zildjian dealer. Or click below to learn more.

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