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Your strings are an extension of your voice.
Stand up. Make your mark. Be heard

Dunlop Strings Videos Launched! Check them out below!

DUNLOP STRINGS: THE GIG (Acoustic Strings)

Crafted and packaged entirely at the Dunlop String factory in Benicia, CA, every set of Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Strings delivers rich, brilliant tone for a dynamic and expressive playing experience. An innovative and proprietary design coupled with the finest and quality controlled materials produce premium, durable, balanced, and responsive string sets unlike anything else on the market.

Available in Phosphor Broze or 80/20 Bronze wire in a variety of gauges.


Crafted and packaged entirely at the Dunlop String Factory in Benicia, CA, Heavy Core guitar and bass strings are uniquely designed for players who enjoy higher tension at standard tuning or normal tension at dropped tunings. Dunlop's innovative and proprietary design produces a premium string that delivers outstanding feel, balance, and tone. Like all Dunlop Strings, they are manufactured from the finest quality raw materials.

Available in a variety of gauges.


Crafted and packaged entirely at the Dunlop Strings Factory in Benicia, CA, the innovative design of Dunlop Nickel Wound Electric Guitar and Bass Strings provide a unique combination of crisp highs, aggressive mids, focused low end, and rich harmonic content not found in your standard low tension string. With meticulous detail given to string-to-string balance and responsiveness, these strings are perfect for dynamic lead work as well as resonant and clear chording. These strings break in fast with no tugging required and once broken-in provide a player with a smooth tactile feel and sweet tone that lasts for a long time.

Available in a variety of gauges.


For more than 40 years Dunlop Manufacturing has been committed to
supplying musicians with reliable and high quality tools that help them
realize their creative vision. The Dunlop Family is proud to extend that
legacy to their line of guitar and bass strings.

This video provides a quick look inside the Dunlop String factory, located
in Benicia, CA. Master string designer Les O'Connor as well as members of
the Dunlop Family relate how their strings feature a new innovative design,
premium and quality-controlled materials, and a unique mixture of tone,
balance, and responsiveness that meets or exceeds the standards of the
most discerning players.

Dunlop believes that your strings are an extension of your voice, and that
you have a right to raise that voice with conviction, character, and